Tools That Don't Impress: Garlic Press

Tools That Don't Impress: Garlic Press

There are some tools that we just can’t live without, like the IKEA cheese grater that fits like a lid over a special bowl – that is priceless.  But then, there are tools in the kitchen that are redundant and only take more time and space than they are worth.  I think the garlic press is one of those. 

When we invest time and storage space into a tool for our kitchens, it needs to be something that will save time and hassle over other methods.  Every item in our kitchen should have earned the right to be there by providing some kind of value to us.  The garlic press doesn’t really achieve those goals.

If you think about it, you spend more time when you use a garlic press because you have to still take the time to peel it, and then take extra time to scrape out the pressed garlic from both sides of the tool, and then cut up whatever didn’t make it through the press.

You can accomplish a similar result by peeling the garlic and then crushing it beneath a metal spoon, something you already have that takes up a minimal amount of room.

Some newer presses can reverse and have prongs to push the garlic back through, but sometimes, the extra cost and required storage space is not worth the perceived convenience.  I would rather save the storage space and have one less “thing” in my house to deal with.

What about you?  Are there tools you bought for the kitchen that turned out to be less than impressive?