Tired of Doing Dishes? Sometimes Less is More

Tired of Doing Dishes? Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes, it seems as though all I do is dishes.  Our dishwasher is a little on the lazy side, so before we put things in it, we must thoroughly scrub them to free them of any food particles.  I know where that TV commercial question, “Tired of washing the dishes before you wash the dishes?” comes from now.  So, instead of spending two hours a day cleaning dishes, we decided to do something radical.

The more dishes you  have, the more dishes you have to clean.  I remember reading in Little House on the Prairie that every child had a single cup, plate and bowl.  Or maybe it was just about cups.  In any case, the simplicity of that idea really struck me after I loaded no less than half a dozen cups in the dishwasher, and that was just for two kids in one day.

So we are going to apply that wisdom to our entire dish collection.  Each person in our family can have one bowl, cup and plate.  The silverware is still up for grabs, because it really doesn’t take much more time or storage space to have multiples, and we use them for serving too.  Now, instead of doing dishes once a day for hours, we do a quick wash up after every meal, so the kitchen is cleaner and it takes a whole lot less time.

Frequent washing eliminates stuck on food that has to be scrubbed, and since we know we will have to hand wash every item, it’s a little bit more acceptable to put water in a cup after apple juice, or rinse a plate to use it for the next course, instead of using two.

The power of simplicity is amazing.  By cutting back on dishes, we have cut back on stress and time spent, two things almost anyone can enjoy having less of.