Store Your Appliances Off the Counter

Store Your Appliances Off the Counter

Kitchen counters become so easily cluttered, that sometimes it seems as though our kitchens would be better off without them.  From papers and purses to food and appliances, kitchen counters collect stuff like collectibles gather dust.  One way you can help combat the clutter is to designate an off the counter space for your appliances to live when they are not in use.

If you have the room, designate a cupboard for storing all of your appliances.  This keeps them within easy reach but out of sight, and you can store many common appliances in a standard cupboard.  If they won’t fit in your cupboards, the pantry is the next best place, but finding the room in a pantry for the appliances most of us have is a difficult task, too.

The next option would be to buy a special storage container, such as a rolling cart or even a butcher block with cupboards.  A butcher block would be a nice addition to most kitchens, and one with cupboard space beneath would be a great place to hide appliances.

As a last resort, you can purchase covers for your appliances to pretty up your counter space, which will at least make the clutter look better.  If you must go this route, it might be time to consider eliminating some lesser used appliances.

Storing appliances off the counter frees up space and makes your kitchen look clean and less cluttered.  The extra step of getting and replacing them is worth the freedom of being able to use your counters again.