It's Time for Some Utensil Drawer Tough Love

It's Time for Some Utensil Drawer Tough Love

I try hard to keep my kitchen organized.  It makes cooking so much more enjoyable when things are put in a place, kept tidy and are easy to access.  One of my biggest failings, however, is the utensil drawer.  Part of the trouble is how easy it is to get caught up in buying another useful tool, but another part is sheer laziness.  I don’t want to spend the time to keep things straight when they all sit loose in a single drawer.

If your utensils are starting to take over the kitchen, it may be time for a little tough love.  First, gather up all of your utensils and lay them out where you can look over every one.  Start with the less durable utensils and give them a good once over.  Are they starting to fall apart?  Wooden utensils that are splitting or plastic spoons that have been melted are good candidates for being tossed.

Next, consider how often you really use a utensil.  Special salad tongs can be handy…if you use them.  If you find yourself serving salad with a pair of forks most of the time, perhaps donating the salad tongs is a better idea.  It will surely save you some space.

Lastly, take the survivors and put them in organizers.  If only a few survived, treat yourself to a pretty utensil holder and proudly display them on the counter.  Another option is to hang them from the underside of your cupboards, which keeps them out of the way but easy to access.

Once you have cleaned up your utensils, make a commitment to spend the time to keep them organized.  The time spent putting them back where they belong will probably be far less than the time spent fishing for the right one in a jumbled mess.